Jamacia Project 2014 Results,...

Patients Seen - 1359                      Extraction Patients - 802                      Restoration Patients - 167                     Cleaning Patients - 298            Sealant Patients - 59            Exam, Post-Op Patients - 32

"Soon Come,.."

There are multiple wheels in motion.  Students are doing a Chili Cook off next week.  Flights are booked.  Transportation in Jamaica is rented.  Housing is set.  Paperwork is in to MOH.  Supplies are being finalized and readied for packing.  Things appear on track. 

And after beginning with just extractions,.. adding restorative abilities,.. now the Jamaica Project is starting a long-term Sealant Initiative in Trelawny primary schools this fall.  It's been talked about for some time and we've finally got all parties on board to get this rolling.  It will be modest initially, but there is great potential.  Yeah Mon! 

BIG NEWS -  We got space on a cargo ship and have a load of equipment in Miami headed for Montego Bay next week as well.  Special thanks to Keith Garret at Cal-Tek Dental for aiding us in the equipment preparation and overland shipping.  He made things happen,.

Successful Money Maker,...

Turns out the Fund Raiser sold about 80 + tickets and cleared well over $1000 for this years trip in the fall.  Dr. Jim Schroeder and family welcomed all to the brisk spring evening event.  Food, drink, fire pits and corn hole kept folks smiling and laughing.  It was a great idea and they pulled it of beautifully!  You should've been there,...

A picturesque scene created for the evening,...

The Spirit lives on,...

I picked up the ADA News (3/17/14) and on the front page I saw the photo below.  I thought,.."I know that face,....".  I read the caption and looked in my records,... and there he was!  Darren Chamberlain Group 1 in the fall of 2001 Jamaica Project.  He graduated with his DDS '02.  It seems he's continuing with the same spirit he had in dental school.  Thought it was lots of fun to see.  I'm sure there are many project alumni that are doing numerous unheralded works.  Nice to see someone get a little press.  Great to see Darren!!

Priya's Jamaica Project 2013 Article,...

Got an email today letting me know about an article written by D'14 Priyal Patel who was a member of Group 1 this past fall.  It's a nice piece about her experience.  She says she has had a number of people comment and express interest in the Project after reading the account.  Hope 

Priya's Article 1.jpg
Priya's Article 2.jpg

Bunch of photos from way back,....

I was hanging with Bob Barnes recently and he brought out stacks of photos from trips past.  Of course nothing was labeled!  We laughed and laughed as we sorted and identified people.  It was a great time.  Ended up with pictures from '93, '95, '97, '98  and '00.  I'm slowly updating the web page of each group and trying to let those folks know about their addition.  Always on the look out to add things,.... 

These photos with the date embedded make identifying groups and years pretty easy,...

These photos with the date embedded make identifying groups and years pretty easy,...

Final Report Preparations,....

The final group returned from Jamaica just as the Thanksgiving holiday activities kicked in.  Now that it's early December the Final Report is being pieced together for MOH (Ministry of Health).  The basic facts will be posted here as they are determined.  All donors are going to be sent a copy of the Final Report so they can see how their funds were utilized.  Word out of the returning students and faculty is that "all went great".  

Pano of Group 2 working inside Long Pond Clinic

Mid-Project for Fall 2013,...

At the moment Group 2 is in Jamaica and just over their "hump day".  Group 1 came home this past Sunday, and Group 3 goes down this coming Sunday.  Reports are the "things are busy".  Long Pond has had steady crowds.  Ulster Sprngs was worked twice last week to long lines of patients.  Good Hope was worked once last week and will be visited again this coming Friday.  Much to do,... 

Another happy patient and parent at Long Pond Clinic October 2013,...

Fall Trip Plans,...

Three groups will be traveling to Jamaica this year from Oct 27th thru Nov 17th.  Everyone already has flight reservations.  Housing has been secured at Silver Sands.  Long Pond will be the main clinic site with visits likely to other regional MOH clinics.  The dental and hygiene students are pumped.  Their fund raising efforts have been successful and we'll be able to meet expenses.   It has been coming together as well as we could hope.  Yeah Mon!

Emails Out To Project Alumni

Been working with the D '14 and Hygiene students to get emails out to all of the Jamaica Project alumni we have addresses on. Notes started going out this week and we're hopeful that some financial support will result. Besides the funds I'm hoping folks will take a look at this web site too. I want everyone to help me correct the mistakes, find people I haven't been able to locate, get more photos and hear more stories.


Donation Link Now Up!

Was just able to work with the VCU School of Dentistry's Development and Alumni Relations office to get a "Donations Link" added to the web site.  The column adjacent to this blog contains the link.  All a person has to do is click on the word GIVE and your browser will take you to a VCU web page.  At the top of the page is a drop down menu where you can then select "Jamaica Project Fund".  I've been assured the project will actually get the funds!  Try it out,....

MOH in Kingston,....

'96 Fall Group 1 Photos Added

Thanks to Andria Chapman-Taliaferro the 1996 Fall Group 1 now gets some visual representation on the web site.  She sent me her photo album made years ago.  The shots helped me refine some information as well.  

"Soon come more photos from all of you,...Yeah Mon!" 


Jamaica 1996 Fall Group 1

MOH & Other Appointments In Jamaica, May 2013

This past month Bob Barnes and Mick Pope traveled down to Jamaica for a series of appointments with parties involved in the VCU Jamaica Project.  Ministry of Health (MOH) officials in Trelawny and Kingston were called upon.  Everglade Farms, who provide Long Pond Clinic for use, were part of the itinerary.  Homeowners in Silver Sands and local sponsor Keith Russell rounded out the meetings completed.  All involved felt the time spent together was productive and bridge building  The VCU Jamaica Project 2013 groups should find "no problems".

Mick & Bob meeting with MOH officials at Cornwall Regional Hospital, Montego Bay this past May 17th.

Lost Group Found,..

Records for the Jamaica Project are incomplete.  I was researching contact information on the internet and happened to call Chad Goeckeritz's office for an email address.  Chad got on the phone with me and corrected my data.  Turns out there were two groups in the fall of 2007 I had no records on.  He pulled together his notes and pics, sent them to me and now I've been able to add "2007 - Group 2 Fall" to the site.  Way to go Chad!  Now I've got to find the first group that season,..... Help!!!

Chad shopping at Chen's

Jamaica Project Poster at VCU Global Health Symposium

Some D-14's took on the task of composing a POSTER detailing the  Jamaica Project that was submitted and accepted to the VCU Global Health Symposium being held this month in Richmond.  David Malan, Frank DeLatour, Katelyn Farrell and Rachael Phillips each played a part in the effort.  Good for them and good exposure for the Project!

Upcoming Meeting With D'14 Students

On March 20th at 5:15pm in Lyons 443 there will be a meeting of all D'14 students interested in participating in the Jamaica Project this fall.  David Malan (D'14) has already emailed PDF forms of required Jamaica MOH paperwork for those possibly going down to have completed.  Dr. Barnes will be presenting an overview of the project.  He'll address student requirements, fundraising needs, individual expected expenses, logistical information and stories from his many years of personal experience.  This is a "must meeting" for those considering taking the plunge.  

Who's going to be part of the project next fall?

Who's going to be part of the project next fall?

Jamaica 2012 Party

On 2/27/13 a party for last falls Jamaica groups was held.  Perry and Beverly Jones hosted the evening.  About 25 project alumni turned out.  Photos, videos, food and drink were served up.  Stories were told,....  Good times!

Perry & Beverly Jones

Perry & Beverly Jones

New Webpage Added

Decided to create a "Stories from Jamaica,.. " page.  Whenever I get an email, or a call from a project alumni they always have tales to tell.  I posted one of those "tales" that Jeff Cash '97 had sent me.  That is just what I want to get from folks, in addition to correct historical facts.  Think about your trip and get me your thoughts.  One guy says he's going to send me a video of him telling a few stories.  I think we'll all enjoy that!
A Long Pond patient snapping a "selfie" with Dane Hernandez '13
A Long Pond patient snapping a "selfie" with Dane Hernandez '13