"Soon Come,.."

There are multiple wheels in motion.  Students are doing a Chili Cook off next week.  Flights are booked.  Transportation in Jamaica is rented.  Housing is set.  Paperwork is in to MOH.  Supplies are being finalized and readied for packing.  Things appear on track. 

And after beginning with just extractions,.. adding restorative abilities,.. now the Jamaica Project is starting a long-term Sealant Initiative in Trelawny primary schools this fall.  It's been talked about for some time and we've finally got all parties on board to get this rolling.  It will be modest initially, but there is great potential.  Yeah Mon! 

BIG NEWS -  We got space on a cargo ship and have a load of equipment in Miami headed for Montego Bay next week as well.  Special thanks to Keith Garret at Cal-Tek Dental for aiding us in the equipment preparation and overland shipping.  He made things happen,.