2014 - GROUP 1

Mick Pope, Tiffany Williams, Perry Jones, Jeff Cyr, Dave Mueller,  Kyle Coble, Mariella Coronado, Michelle Graham, Kristy Greenfield, Kandice Klepper, Anna Moore, Bryan Saunders, Courtney Schlenker, Emily Schroeder, Erin Sharkey, Chris Shim (10/26/14 - 11/2/14).  Visiting Faculty included Ron Guttu, Tor-Eirik Holt, Jo-Marie Maniwang and Tara Pannell.  The group stayed at Ebb Tide, Je Suis Content and Cannon Cottage.  Dental Services were performed at Long Pond Clinic, Albert Town Health Center, Good Hope, Duanvale Primary School, First Hill All Age School (Jacksontown) and Clarks Town Primary School.