2017 - Group 3

Lou Korpics, Bob Barnes, Riki Gottlieb, Greg Zoghby, Lori Turner, Gail Kim, Clara Spatafore, Mei Tang, Lena Holz, Tiffany Williams, Jo-Marie Maniwang, Sheila Field, Tara Pannell, Chelsea Dilkes, Lena Klett, Donna Lewis, Ashley McClain, Monica Mwanga, Matt Brewer, Kelsey Greene, Maureen Maximos, Behnaz Movahed-Ardakani, Shreya Patel, Karoline Seekford, Lauren Snyder and Kim Van provided dental services to patients at Long Pond Clinic.  Schools served by the  SEAL TEAM #4 were Duanvale, Kinloss, Duncans and First Hill  primaries.  Villas utilized were Ebb Tide, Je Suis Content, Cannon Cottage and Endless Summer