2016 - GROUP 1

Jeff Cry, Dave Mueller, Perry Jones, Al Russell, Tiffany Williams, Sara Haroon (RDH), Mick Pope, Lisa Pope, Nora Hermes, Ben Shapiro, Jen Tran, Katie Hammaker, Brittany Field, Jennie Tran, Di Umoh and Eugena Waggoner worked at Long Pond Clinic, Ulster Springs Clinic and Good Hope Plantation.  SEAL TEAM 3 comprised Jo-Marie Maniwang, Tara Pannell, Chelsea Dilkes, Wendy Steward, Ameerah Givens, Heidi Long, Ashley McClain and Monica Mwanga. Sealants were performed at Duanvale Primary, Kinloss Primary, First Hill Primary and Clarks Town Primary.  Villas in Silver Sands utilized for the week were Ebb Tide, Wine Down, Casaurina and Cannon Cottage.