"The Wrecking Crew"   Bob Barnes, Paul Brinser, Mary Gregory, Mike Grosso, Travis Patterson, Tiffany Williams, Jessica Cheverton, Laura Duhring, Matt Hofrichter, Greg Lang, Holly Legg, Susan Meinerz, Michael Muztafago, Monica Mwanga Minh Khoi Nguyen, Danielle Nogle and Charles Smith were participants.  Endless Summer, Ebb Tide and Windjammer were used for housing.  Long Pond Clinic and Good Hope were served.  SEAL TEAM 2 was Jo-Marie Maniwang, Tara Pannell, Katie Schleyer, Wendy Steward, Monica Mwanga  and Ashley McClain.  They did outreach to primary schools in Duanvale, Kinloss, Clark's Town and Jacksontown placing sealants on first year molars of 6 year olds.  This is a continuation and expansion of the sealant initiative effort begun in 2014.